“Pack hack” your way no baggage fees

If you wrote down a list of things that you hate spending money on the most, we reckon baggage charges would be up there with car repairs, insurance premiums and ATM fees (two quid is just plain cheek innt?). But there’s a nifty little way to avoid being stung by hefty hold luggage fees without cutting down on the number of cozzies you pack.

We asked space-saving superhero Sophie Liard (The Folding Lady on TikTok) to show you how to squeeze a week’s worth of holiday packing into your hand luggage!

Tell us your secrets, Soph

It begins with something even smaller than your cabin case – your trusty neck pillow!

Oh yes. Airlines don’t want a load of grouchy passengers on board, so they class neck pillows as personal items. And you can take them on-board for free.

But here’s the really sneaky bit… deflate your neck pillow or remove the cushioning and you’ll have space to stick some t-shirts or underwear inside. Sophie uses hers for a week’s worth of bikinis!

Not got a neck pillow?

Email with your MYB booking number and we’ll send you one (there’s a limited number available until <date>).

Sophie’s top 5 pack hacks

1. Less is more

In the land of packing hacks, outfit-planning is the king (and queen). Mix-and-match your shorts and tops to save space. And cram in as many accessories as you can to refresh your outfits rather than packing extra ones.

2. Make peace with the crease

It’s impossible to fold a shirt to the size of a flannel without getting a few creases. Especially if it’s linen. But most hotels have irons or steamers so you can smooth things out when you get there.

3. All hail packing cubes

These cube-shaped zip-up bags let you fill every nook and cranny of your carry-on bag. And they keep things organised. Daywear. Nightwear. Swimmers. Sorted.

4. Fold or roll?

Sophie finds that folding works best with lighter holiday clothes like t-shirts and shorts. Rolling is better for heavier stuff like jumpers (which you might not need).

5. Swerve the laundry

Holiday blues are bad enough without dirty washing when you get home. So do a bit of laundry while you’re away and you can put your feet up when you’re back.

Here’s how it’s done


I’ve been challenged by @onthebeachholidays to ‘pack-hack’ the system and fit a specially curated week’s holiday wardrobe into Ryanair’s free hand-luggage allowance. I’m using a cheeky neck pillow trick to pack in enough bikinis to switch up your wardrobe every day of the week – and save you up to £70! #ad

♬ original sound – TheFoldingLady

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